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Amie Steel

Amie is a naturopathic practitioner who specialises in nutritional medicine. She is program leader (Nutritional Medicine/Western Herbal Medicine) and believes passionately in the practice of integrative medicine.

Amie Steel is already well published and respected for her research into complementary medicine. Amie has a Master of Public Health through the University of Queensland and is currently undertaking a PhD. Her PhD research is exploring the role complementary and alternative medicine practitioners are playing in pregnancy, labour and birthing in Australia.

The research topic is part of a larger project which is exploring Australian women's experience of the different health professionals they consult with throughout this important time in their life. Amie became interested in this area through both her 11 years clinical experience as a naturopath seeing the benefit of improved collaboration between health professionals combined with her personal experience birthing her child in the public health system. Amie has been involved in reviewing and writing a variety of peer-reviewed journals and textbooks on topics relating to evidence-based naturopathic practice, complementary and alternative medicine, and maternity care.

Amie has also played a senior role in the development and delivery of degrees in naturopathy, nutrition and western herbal medicine in Australia. Contact:

Amie's Seminar Presentations

  • Beyond Iron Deficiency - Understanding Anaemia
  • Integrative Management of Patients with Dyslipidemia

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