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Tony Reid

Master of Acupuncture, Master of TCM (Hons) (UWS), Dip TCM (SITCM), Dip Ac (Hong Kong), Cert Clinical Practice (China)

Tony is the Author of "Practitioners Clinical Guide - ESSENTIAL FORMULAS" & "Supplementary Clinical Guide - EMPIRICAL FOMULAS".

Tony’s presentations look at how to use key concepts of traditional Chinese medicine to effectively diagnose and treat patients. Detailed treatment protocols with prepared Chinese herbal medicines are included in the presentation.

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Tony's Seminar Presentations

View Tony's Seminar presentations via the ANTA eLearning Centre. Other resources and practical information can be found at

  • Mood Disorders In Traditonal Chinese Medicine
  • Mood disorders in TCM: Stress, anxiety & neurasthenia
  • Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment
  • Coronary Artery Disease And Cardiovascular Health In TCM
  • Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue: The TCM approach
  • Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue.‘How to Adapt the TCM approach in your Clinic
  • Arthritis: Diagnosis and Treatment with TCM
  • Achieving Healthy Motherhood with Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Pediatrics in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tony's Webinar Presentations

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Tony Reid's Books

Practitioners Clinical Guide - ESSENTIAL FORMULAS

How to achieve outstanding results for your patients using prepared Chinese Medicine

Tony Reid's new book "ESSENTIAL FORMULAS" provides comprehensive clinical information on 86 Chinese herbal formulas. Includes: indications, TCM and biomedial actions, key signs and symptoms, ingredients, combination treatment strategies and commentary. It also features: Formula comparisons, glossary of technical terms and a complete index of diseases and major symptoms. Total 205 pages valued at AUD45.00.

Also available by Tony Reid - Supplementary Clinical Guide - EMPIRICAL FOMULAS Valued at AUD15.00.

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By Tony Reid
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