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Kevin McLean

Kevin McLean has been a Remedial Therapist since 1995.

Kevin is currently a lecturer at the Endeavour College of Natural Health and has been here for the past 10 years.

Kevin has worked with elite teams in such sports as Australian Cricket Team, Australian Soccer Teams, and Australian Rugby League and was involved in the 2000 Olympic games and the 2001 East Asian Games.

He is a registered Remedial Therapist with the Queensland Academy of Sport since 1997. He has special interest in the continued education in the industry and has developed specific techniques to compliment his hands on skills.

Kevin's Seminar Presentations

  • A Stretching Program for People who use the Acronym ANTA
  • Muscle Strength: Strengthen what is stretched or has become weak
  • Muscle Flexibility: Stretch what is strong or has become shortened
  • Stretching RX Implications to Muscle, Joint and Neural

Kevin's Webinar Presentations

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