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Posted April 2015
Gynecology in Chinese Medicine
Gynecology in Chinese Medicine

By YOU Zhao-ling, edited by Jane LYTTLETON

RRP: $189  // Special Price: $160.65

Gynecology in Chinese Medicine is an extensive text written by expert TCM specialists in China, covering the theory and practice of TCM Gynecology and Obstetrics in great depth.

The book is made up of two major parts, with a general discussion on TCM gynecology and specific individual discussions on female physiology and pathology, the diagnoses of gynecological diseases, the treatment of gynaecological diseases, and gynaecological disease prevention and health. Specific discussions introduce fifty types of gynaecological  disease ranging from menstruation, leukorrhea, pregnancy and postpartum conditions and other miscellaneous diseases.

The overview includes definitions, characteristics and categories; etiologies and pathomechanisms are depicted in the form of flow charts convenient for memorisation. Diagnostics consist of medical histories, clinical manifestations and examinations; treatments consist of pattern identification essentials, therapeutic principles, and pattern-oriented treatments along with acupuncture and moxibustion treatments. The case discussions include abstracts of cases and detailed analyses.

Please contact CHINA BOOKS SYDNEY via email on or on (02) 9280 1885 to order.

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Posted April 2013
Textbook of Natural Medicine
Textbook of Natural Medicine

'Textbook of Natural Medicine' 4th Edition, by MURRAY & PIZZORNO 

This is a MUST companion book for TCM practitioners who want to be kept informed and up-dated in the field of natural medicine, an area of increasing relevance to patients.

Covering preventive, non-invasive, and natural treatments, Textbook of Natural Medicine, 4th Edition offers more than just alternative medicine. It promotes an integrated practice that can utilize natural medicine, traditional Western medicine, or a combination of both in a comprehensive, scientific treatment plan.

Based on a combination of philosophy and clinical studies, Textbook of Natural Medicine helps you provide health care that identifies and controls the underlying causes of disease, is supportive of the body's own healing processes, and is considerate of each patient's unique biochemistry.

Internationally known authors Joseph Pizzorno and Michael Murray include detailed pharmacologic information on herbs and supplements, plus evidence-based coverage of diseases and conditions to help you make accurate diagnoses and provide effective therapy.

RRP: $303.00   Special Price: $257.55  (plus p&h)

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Posted April 2013
Applications of Medicinals with Classical Formulas
Applications of Medicinals with Classical Formulas

The reputation of Professor Huang Huang far preceeds him as a practitioner, and in his latest book "Applications of Medicinals with Classical Formulas" he introduces and explains 23 commonly used medicinals.

This is Huang Huang's second work on the differentiation of patterns and clinical applications of medicinals by the medical sage Zhang Zhong-jing.

This book introduces and explains 23 commonly used medicinals. Each medicinals is introduced with its clinical application and related classical formulas as recorded in the classic Cold Damage and Essentials from the Golden Cabinet.

The author’s own experiences and directions are high-lighted alongside, with well selected case examples and quotations from peer practitioners and ancient physicians.

The structure and hierarchical information format makes the book easy to learn from and very user friendly. Hence it can be used as an accessible textbook and a practical reference book, which is suitable for students, clinicians, and scientific researchers, as well as amateur enthusiasts of Chinese Medicine. Features

  • 23 commonly used medicinals with related classical formulas recorded in Treatise on Cold Damage and Essentials from the Golden Cabinet
  • The author’s own experiences and directions Well selected case
  • examples Quotations from peer practitioners and ancient physicians
  • Hierarchical information format, easy to learn from and user friendly
  • RRP: $85

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Posted December 2012
Principles of Chinese Medical Andrology
Principles of Chinese Medical Andrology: An Integrated Approach to Male Reproductive and Urological Health

Principles of Chinese Medical Andrology is an advanced textbook and a clinical manual of Chinese andrology. Chinese andrology is a specialty within Chinese medicine and is usually practiced by modern Chinese doctors who with few exceptions practice integrated Chinese-Western medicine (zhong xi yi jie he). Whereas there is a reasonably-sized body of professional andrology literature in Chinese, this text represents the first comprehensive English language Chinese andrology text to date.

Section 1 introduces the foundations of Chinese andrology and includes all of the following:

  • The history of andrology in Chinese medicine
  • Anatomy of the male genitourinary system
  • The channels and network vessels in andrology
  • The viscera and bowels in andrology
  • Andrological disease causes and pathomechanisms
  • Chinese andrological diseases
  • General treatment principles in andrology Section 2 covers specific andrological diseases including: Scrotal and penile diseases; Benign prostatic hyperplasia; Prostatitis; Erectile dysfunction; Male infertility; Peyronie's disease; Priapism; Andropause

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Posted November 2012
Pathomechanisms of the Kidney
Pathomechanisms of the Kidney

The wait is over for the final volume in the Pathomechanisms series, Pathomechanisms of the Kidney by YAN Shi-Lin & LI Zheng-Hua (edited by Eric Brand & Zhang Yuhuan, translated by Sabine Wilms & Wang Ying) is now available. This series of texts devoted to pathomechanisms attempts to bridge this gap so that practitioners may advance their knowledge and reap the rewards of greater clinical success.

RRP: $59.95; CHINA BOOKS Practitioner/Student Price: $50.95

Pathomechanisms describe the dynamic process through which disease develops and transforms in the body. While pattern diagnosis provides the practitioner with a snapshot picture of the current state of illness, it is a thorough understanding of pathomechanisms that allows one to predict and prevent the progression of disease. A comprehensive knowledge of the pathomechanisms involved in a given case allows treatment to be more holistic, preventative, and effective.

In modern China, pathomechanisms have become a major focus of Chinese medical literature and education. Up to now, relatively little of this material has been transmitted to the West, and consequently many practitioners have failed to go beyond pattern diagnosis to examine the underlying disease process that produces the patterns. Thus, pathomechanisms are often described as a 'missing link' in a Westerner's Chinese medical education.

Pathomechanisms of the Kidney describes the repletion conditions of the kidney, including kidney-channel wind-cold, wind-heat, wind-damp, cold-damp, damp-heat, repletion fire, static blood, phlegm turbidity, stones in the kidney channel, and kidney channel qi stagnation. The second section presents vacuity conditions, including vacuity of kidney yang, of kidney qi, and of kidney yin, insufficiency of kidney essence, dual vacuity of kidney yin and kidney yang, and kidney vacuity verging on desertion.

Each pathomechanism is described in detail with references to its historical development, then further differentiated by the specific aetiological factors. Each subsection discusses the origins and development of ideas relevant to this pathology, then gives the various symptoms, treatment strategies, and specific formulas, often with modifications to address the particular symptoms more directly.

It is here that the author offers a review of relevant literature, spanning the entire range of traditional medical literature beginning with the early classics. For each text, he gives the specific quotations and then paraphrases and explains it. This provides the reader a sense of the historical evolution as well as the various clinical perspectives on each pathomechanism.

At the conclusion of each section, the author summarizes the information in a useful table that differentiates again by aetiology and then lists specific symptoms in each case. The appendices include a section on modern research, a Chinese-English bibliography in alphabetical order (with both classical texts and journal articles on modern research) and a Chinese bibliography organized by stroke number.

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Posted November 2012
Clinical Handbook of Classical Chinese Herbalism
Clinical Handbook of Classical Chinese Herbalism

By Tim Rudowsky.

This part-formula text, part-clinical notebook approaches standard traditional Chinese herbal formulas in a unique and readily accessible format. With both the Chinese herbal medicine student and practicing clinician in mind, the Clinical Handbook concisely presents herbal formulas alphabetically with associated ingredients, dosages, source text quotations, specific preparation and decoction instructions, TCM anecdotes, and notes from master herbalists.

In addition, all Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue prescriptions are all paired with quotations from those texts along with fastidiously translated dosage information and preparation instructions penned by the hand of Zhang Zhongjing. 

The ultimate purpose of this text is to join the renaissance of classical herbalism in the US by empowering students and clinicians with the requisite tools for authentic and effective herbal prescription. This text somewhat disregards the typical TCM formula categories and, instead, simply lists herbal formulas alphabetically in a dense, yet highly readable, format.

This book is the only one of it's kind in combining both clinical application with classical diligence and scholarship. As such, Clinical Handbook of Classical Chinese Herbalism is the perfect companion to the more comprehensive Bensky-Clavey-Stoger and Wiseman-Brand materia medicas. The Clinical Handbook was self-published by Green Tea Apothecary Press in Portland. OR. 

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Posted November 2012
Hunyuan Fertility: Conception, Babies and Miracles
Hunyuan Fertility: Conception, Babies and Miracles

An exciting new book by Yaron Seidman and Tristin Mclaren is now available.

"A beautifully written guide to understanding Classical Chinese Medicine (Hunyuan) and fertility; a combination of knowledge, wisdom, and the author’s passion make it an insightful resource for anyone" -Ashley

"I feel enlightened… I now seek the balance described in Hunyuan medicine. This book is for everyone, not just those trying to conceive". - Sally

"'Hunyuan Fertility: Conception, Babies and Miracles' is a book that truly reaches the level of healing infertility and disease at the root. Hunyuan medicine opens the door to seeing the forces that guide human life. When that door is opened, human life connects to the greater life sustaining force, which grants health, longevity, and fertility. With this book, and Hunyuan as a whole, we don't simply desire to help couples conceive, we want to help others learn to center their lives around the natural world and natural living, thereby promoting health and fertility.

"In order to truly live naturally, one must first understand what natural means. These are answers that can be found within the pages of the newest Hunyuan book. We know there are many fertility books available, including several specific to Chinese medicine for infertility. This book is different! It builds upon the author's deep contemplation and extensive experience in practice as it takes readers to a level far deeper than any other book currently available. Within the pages one finds concepts unlike anything found in other texts, Chinese and Western medicine alike.

Concepts that find their roots in philosophy and nature studies, and arise from observation and contemplation, complete with passages from Confucius and Mencius.

With this book, the reader develops a new perspective and makes meaningful changes toward a healthier life for themselves and their future offspring".

"Hunyuan medicine is a system derived from a fine filtration of the True Principles of Chinise medicine. Once you apply these principles to your life, your health and wellbeing improve drastically, as do your chances of becoming and staying pregnant.

The health of our future children is determined by our own health. 
By getting to the root cause of your reproductive concerns, you can finally stop trying to do 'everything' you can to become pregnant, and start to do the right thing" - Teja J. TCM Practitioner

Highly recommended for practitioners as well as their patients.

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Posted October 2012
Jin Gui Yao Lue - Essential Prescription of the Golden Coffer
Jin Gui Yao Lue: Essential Prescriptions from the Golden Coffer

CHINA BOOKS is excited to announce the upcoming release of the long awaited translation of the classical title:- "Jin Gui Yao Lue: Essential Prescriptions from the Golden Coffer" by Zhang Zhongjing and translated by Nigel Wiseman & Sabine Wilms.

Due for release in JANUARY 2013, it is now available for pre-order! Place your order now and take advantage of the special introductory price of $63.70. Get in quick so you can get your copy HOT OFF the printing press!

'Jin Gui Yao Lue - Essential Prescriptions of the Golden Coffer' by Nigel Wiseman & Sabine Wilms


The sister volume to Shang Han Lun - The Treatise on Cold Damage, Jin Gui Yao Lue covers miscellaneous diseases which are not contracted via external pathogens. Conditions covered include; lung diseases, oedema, dissipation-thirst impediment (bì), summerheat stroke, mounting diseases and gynaelogical diseases. This text also covers the aetiology of disease and treatment principles as well as detailing knowledge of dietary prohibitions stemming from the Han Dynasty.

As the pre-eminent physician in Chinese Medicine history, Zhang Zhongjing's works still resonate strongly with us to this day. One third of the most commonly used contemporary formulas having been devised by him and are explained in these works. Exerting an influence on the development of Chinese Medicine unmatched by any other medical scholar, Shang Han Lun and Jing Gui Yao Lue are still used as the classical basis for the teaching and understanding of clinical diagnosis and treatment. 

This book is not to be missed by lovers of the classics and for those who wish to delve deeper into the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine.

To pre-order, please contact us on (02) 9280 1885 OR FAX the Order Form on (02) 9280 1887 or email us at , to reserve your copy

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Posted July 2012
Handbook of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis
Handbook of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

By Leon HAMMER and Karen BILTON

This new handbook summarises the key elements of Hammer's epic text 'Chinese Pulse Diagnosis: A Contemporary Approach' in a portable edition.

It is the result of very hard work by many practitioners, of extracting the essentials from each area of this subject and  recasting its interpretation in the context of our own times. Although based on traditional methods, it is contemporary because it recognises that pulse diagnosis must continue to develop over time.

Pulse diagnosis is a subtle yet highly effective instrument used in Chinese medicine for the diagnosis and prevention of disease. The method set forth in this book is unsurpassed in obtaining the greatest amount of physical and psychological information about an individual.

  • Early chapters cover terminology, classification of pulse qualities, historical comparisons of positions and depths, and a methodology for taking the pulse.
  • Middle chapters take an in-depth look at each of the individual pulse qualities and the types of pathology associated with each of the qualities.
  • Later chapters examine the significance of the qualities when found across the entire pulse, or large segments of the pulse, and at different depths. The relationship of the pulse qualities to psychology and prognosis are addressed in separate chapters.
  • In the final chapters interpretation and case histories draw everything together to show how this information can be formulated into a rational diagnosis.
  • Included is a glossary of special terms, bibliography, and full index to the contents.

Download PDF More information and Details » (PDF 179KB)

Posted July 2012
Meridian Circuit Systems - A Channel Based Approach to Pattern Identification
Meridian Circuit Systems - A Channel Based Approach to Pattern Identification

CHINA BOOKS is pleased to announce the recently published "Meridian Circuit Systems - A Channel Based Approach to Pattern Identification" by James A. Spears. RRP $43.95, student/practitioner discount $37.36.

This book offers a channel-based approach to pattern identification, termed Meridian Circuit Systems by the author, which is identified as a form of syndrome differentiation used independently of other methods or along with conventional forms of pattern identification.

It takes as its starting point the identification of 3 meridians that are expressing symptoms, then determines the relationship the affected meridians share with other channels.

After the symptomatic meridians and their connecting channels have been established, Meridian Circuit Systems theory aims at identifying a circuit that consists of four interconnected meridians. The author draws from classical sources including the Nei Jing, Shang Han Lun, five-element theory, TCM, and expert clinicians including Master Tung and Dr. Richard Tan.

The author describes and details the five systems at the foundation of Meridian Circuit Systems theory: the paired 3-yin and 3-yang meridians; the zang fu bei tang pairings explicated originally in the Yi Xie Ru Men and the Yi Jin Jin Yi, the internal-external meridian relationships, the horary cycle of the 12 meridians, and proximate meridians on the horary cycle.

Imaging, mirroring, and needling techniques, case studies, and zang-fu methods of pattern identification are further resources that are described and that can be incorporated to aid practitioners in realizing greater diagnostic and treatment skills.

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Posted July 2012
Pathomechanisms of the Lung: Fei Bing Zhi Bing Ji
Pathomechanisms of the Lung: Fei Bing Zhi Bing Ji

Pathomechanisms of the Lung: Fei Bing Zhi Bing Ji, by Yan Shi-Lin & Li Zheng-Hua. Translated by Sabine Wilms, edited by Nigel Wiseman and Anthony Venuti.

This work offers a rich trove of information and an in-depth analysis of the origins and pathology progression of lung disease according to Chinese traditional medicine, drawn from contemporary primary sources and a vast wealth of classical Chinese medical texts.

The first section discusses repletion conditions of the lung, such as impaired diffusion, impaired depurative downbearing, and concomitant impaired diffusion and downbearing of the lung.

The second section presents vacuity conditions, including vacuity of lung qi, lung yang, lung yin and lung blood.

Each pathomechanism is described in detail and differentiated by specific etiological factors, with informative discussions concerning the origins and development of medical thought concerning lung pathology, as well as symptoms, treatment strategies and specific formulas.

Understanding the pathomechanisms of the various organ systems is key to grasping the interrelating nuances of disease progression from the perspective of Chinese medicine. By helping readers to accurately comprehend the dynamics in the prognosis of lung disease, this work serves as an invaluable aid for all students and practitioners of Chinese traditional medicine.

Download PDF More information and Details » (PDF 117KB)

Qin Bo-Wei's 56 Treatment Methods
Qin Bo-Wei's 56 Treatment Methods: Writing Precise Prescriptions

Authors: WU Bo-Ping and Jason BLALACK.

In the spring of 2007, Jason Blalack asked his mentor, Wu Bo-Ping, what was the most important Chinese medical text to translate into English. After a few moments of thought, Dr. Wu presented Jason with a tattered paperback copy of the original edition of Qin Bo-Wei’s New Guidelines for Treatment (zhi liao xin lu, c. 1953), a manuscript that for all intents and purposes had been lost during the Cultural Revolution. That is the text that forms the framework of this exciting new book.

Qin Bo-Wei (1901-1970) was among the most important physicians of the modern era. As a prominent clinician, educator, and scholar, he worked to integrate classical schools of thought and created one of the most coherent systems for understanding Chinese medicine during a critical time of intense turbulence in China’s history. Wu Bo-Ping was one of Dr. Qin’s students and is among the few who are still living today.

Translated and presented to a Western audience for the first time, Qin’s original work is enriched by Dr. Wu’s extensive commentary, which transforms it into a hands-on guide on how to effectively practice herbal medicine.

An excellent clinical manual, this book primarily teaches a method of thinking that serves as a foundation for a lifelong approach to herbal medicine. An understanding of how to use the core concepts presented here allows one to effectively treat the majority of diseases seen in the contemporary clinic.

The text itself is unique in its presentation and differs from other clinical manuals in a number of ways:

  • Organized by treatment method. Teaches a way of emulating the thought underlying a prescription without being tied to its specified ingredients or original indications, thereby reflecting the thinking of Chinese medicine’s greatest clinicians. Ultimately, this approach opens up treatment possibilities that are often ignored in conventional textbooks.
  • Small number of ingredients. Dr. Qin’s prescriptions contain a small number of precisely combined ingredients, administered in small doses.
  • Explains how to use processed medicinals. The book provides detailed explanations about how to use processed medicinals (?? 
    páo zhì).
  • Based on influential lineage. This text imparts a wealth of clinical knowledge rooted in the tradition of an influential Chinese medicine lineage.

"This book is a major step in the dissemination of Qin Bo-Wei’s ideas. Perhaps more importantly, it represents a highly refined vision of how Chinese medicine can be understood in the West. Here we are presented with much more than a list of signs and symptoms linked to a pattern, which in turn is linked to a fixed formula. 
Instead, this book illustrates the nuances inherent in every step of the diagnostic and treatment process." – Charles Chace, author of A Qin Bowei Anthology


Download PDF More information and Purchase Details

Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen
Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen - An Annotated Translation of Huang Di's Inner Classic - Basic Questions

The distinguished translators Paul U. UNSCHULD and Hermann TESSENOW have rendered this beautiful body of work which is the first annotated English translation of the ancient Chinese life sciences text based on an application of rigorous philological principles.

A foundation of Chinese life sciences and medicine, 'The Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen' is now available for the first time in a complete, fully annotated English translation. Also known as 'Su Wen' or 'The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic', this influential work came into being over a long period reaching from the 2nd century bce to the 8th century ce. Combining the views of different schools, it relies exclusively on natural law as conceptualized in 'yin/yang' and Five Agents doctrines to define health and disease, and repeatedly emphasizes personal responsibility for the length and quality of one’s life.

This two-volume edition includes excerpts from all the major commentaries on 'The Su Wen' and extensive annotation drawn from hundreds of monographs and articles by Chinese and Japanese authors produced over the past 1600 years and into the twentieth century.

This translation of a 2,000 year-old text introduces readers to ideas, and their linguistic expression, developed in Han China in the context of the manipulation of the length and the quality of human life so that it might last as long as possible with minimal physical and mental suffering.

Not for the faint-hearted, this text is for the tenacious practitioner willing to explore these beginnings and compare them to today's realities so that a realistic awareness may emerge.

RRP: $250.00 Special Price: $212.50

Download PDF More information and Purchase Details » (PDF 156KB)

Huang Huang's Guide
Huang Huang's Guide to Clinical Applications of Classical Formulas

People's Medical Publishing House has published a little gem for us in English. It is called 'Huang Huang's Guide to Clinical Applications of Classical Formulas' by Professor Huang Huang. I am sure many of you have heard of this book but have thus far been unable to read it due to the fact it was only available in Mandarin and Japanese until now!

In the past two decades, Dr Huang has focused his clinical practice on applying the valuable knowledge of the classical formulas and researching the classical medical texts.

This is a quick reference guide to apply the knowledge of over 65 ancient Chinese formulas from the Treatise on Cold Damage and the Essentials from the Golden Cabinet as well as 10 personalized formulas from Dr. Huang Huang’s clinical experience.

It is essentially a condensed summary of the Professor’s lifetime of clinical experience on applying the knowledge of the classical herbal texts to treat modern illness. The original formula composition, as well as the one Dr. Huang now uses in his practice, are referenced.

This hardback guide book is as condense and clear as possible with the idea of reviving the understanding and applicability of classical formula for use in the clinic today. With just over 300 pages it is sure to enlighten many readers.

RRP: $57.95  Discount Price: $49.25

Download PDF More information and Purchase Details » (PDF 143KB)

Jeng Shen
Jing Shen - A Translation of Huainanzi Chapter 7

We are sure you are all aware of Elisabeth Rochat de la Valle and Claude Larre's beautiful translations of the TCM Classics. 

Recently we have been privileged with a new translation of Huainanzi Chapter 7.  The Huainanzi is a major Daoist text of the early Han dynasty, dating from the same time as the Huangdi Neijing. 

This chapter focuses on Jing Shen – vital or embodied spirit – and examines the origins of life and the integral place of human beings within the cosmos. 

The Huainanzi  was rescued from the book-burnings of the Qin Dynasty in a period that was beginning to revisit  –  and revere – the wisdom of the ancient sages. Its philosophical outlook is one that embraces the paradoxes of life, exploring their implications and contemplating their meaning in the light of human experience.

RRP $31.95; SPECIAL PRICE $27.15

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Reproducing Women
REPRODUCING WOMEN: Medicine, Metaphor, and Childbirth in Late Imperial China

This innovative book uses the lens of cultural history to examine the development of medicine in Qing dynasty China.

Focusing on the specialty of "medicine for women“ (fuke), Yi-Li Wu explores the material and ideological issues associated with childbearing in the late imperial period.

She draws on a rich array of medical writings that circulated in seventeenth- to nineteenth-century China to analyse the points of convergence and contention that shaped people's views of women's reproductive diseases.

These points of contention touched on fundamental issues:

  • How different were women's bodies from men's?
  • What drugs were best for promoting conception and preventing miscarriage?
  • Was childbirth inherently dangerous?
  • And who was best qualified to judge?

Wu shows that late imperial medicine approached these questions with a new, positive perspective.

"This is a tremendoulsy rich, exhaustively researched work - it is a pioneering study that will undoubtedly become a standard reading on women's medicine in Chinese history" - Ruth Rogaski, author.

RRP $84.95; Special Price $72.20

Download PDF Download Details and Order Form » (PDF 150KB)

Tuina Therapy Massage
Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis 2nd Edition - by Barbara Kirschbaum

This new  edition of Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis contains over two hundred colour photographs of tongues seen in a Western clinic. The photos provide a graphic representation of a wide variety of common disorders. Each photograph is accompanied by a description of the significant features of the tongue, the corresponding Chinese diagnosis for each feature, accompanying symptoms, Western diagnosis, and pertinent background information. 
The sequence of the photos shows the increasing degree of imbalance among the body’s energies.

The presentation of the tongues is organized according to the nature of the underlying organ disharmony:- Lungs, Spleen, Stomach, Kidney, Heart, Liver.

Other chapters focus on particular aspects of the tongue such as pale tongues, cracked tongues, special coatings, as well as those associated with heat disorders and blood stasis. A final chapter surveys several cases that reflect how the tongue changed over the course of treatment, with before and after photographs. This systematic presentation provides the student and practitioner with a much deeper understanding of the methodology of tongue diagnosis in Chinese medicine.

Barbara Kirschbaum received her Bachelor of Acupuncture at the International College of Oriental Medicine (England) in 1980, where she taught for seven years, and has pursued additional studies at various TCM hospitals in China. She frequently lectures on acupuncture and Chinese medicine in her native Germany and abroad, and currently holds a post at the University of Witten/Herdecke. She has been in the private practice of Chinese medicine for over 30 years and is the author and co-author of a number of books in this field.

RRP $123; Special $104.55 (plus P&H)

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