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Posted April 2013
Qigong Demystified
Qigong Demystified

Qigong Demystified by John Dolic.

Qigong Demystified is a book that introduces Qigong in an easy to understand language. Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing modality used to treat illness and enhance longevity.

Once shrouded in mystery, Qigong is now a fundamental aspect of Chinese life that is practiced by millions for its restorative benefits. Qigong works holistically, restoring the flow of energy throughout the body and clearing the blockages that cause illness.

But Qigong is not just for those who are sick, regular practice can improve concentration and intellectual function, boost skill and athletic performance and even lead to greater spiritual awareness and personal growth.

Best of all, Qigong is simple to learn and can be easily practiced by anyone, anywhere. Qigong Demystified aims to illuminate the art of Qigong for a new audience, introducing basic principles, discussion of the many different styles, and the personal experiences of patients and practitioners.

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Posted April 2013
Masters of Heaven & Earth
Masters of Heaven & Earth: The Secrets of Tai Chi Chuan DVD

'Masters of Heaven & Earth: The Secrets of Tai Chi Chuan' Featuring Yang Style, Chen Style and Wudang Tai Chi Chuan. By Jon Braeley

Explore the most mysterious martial art of all . Tai Chi Chuan. The Supreme Ultimate. The Heaven and Earth. While the world pummeled each other with fists and iron, China discovered a new way to fight. Not with strength but with softness. Not with speed but with stillness.

Travel with us across China to meet the greatest Tai Chi masters of Yang style, Chen style and Wudang. From the opening scene in the park of the Forbidden City of Beijing to the secret training caves of Wudang, this is not the Tai chi you see everyday! Visit the birthplace of Tai Chi, Chen Village to meet the Chen family who pass on the teachings to the next generation. Climb the peaks of Wudang and experience the power of Tai chi and the philosophy of Yin and Yang from the priests of Wudang Mountain.

Travel with us from Beijing to Chen Village and to Tai Chi's spiritual home of Wudang Mountain. In Masters of Heaven and Earth we will take you where few people can go, to experience one of the worlds most misunderstood arts. You will learn the history of Tai Chi Chuan, about yesterday and todays top masters and how Tai chi has spread and much more. Understand the internal health principles - the Chi and the Mind and Essence. Witness breathtaking demonstrations of Chen style and Wudang Tai chi with a soundtrack from China's top traditional and modern-fused musicians.

Packed with interviews and demonstrations and Featuring: Chen Xiaowang and Chen Xiaoxing. Priest Zhong Yun Long and Master Yuan. Master Cui Zhongsan. Written and directed by Jon Braeley. Run time 85 minutes. Ships worldwide and plays in all regions. Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Filmed in High definition with DVD in standard widescreen format.

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Tuina Therapy Massage
Tuina Therapy: Treatment of Adults & Children

The first really comprehensive guide to Tuina from a Western publisher (Thieme), "Tuina Therapy: Treatment of Adults & Children" is the kind of book that you can jump into straight away and feel like you are learning everything about the subject.

It provides detailed instructions for using the art of Chinese tuina massage to treat disorders of the locomotor system, gynecological and gastrointestinal diseases, pediatric ailments, and more. While other books may only contain brief sections on tuina treatment and application, this guide describes each technique in detail using concise text complemented by step-by-step photographs.

The high-quality images clearly demonstrate the practitioner's movements, making them easy to replicate. The authors also thoroughly address the treatment of children - a topic left out of most other tuina textbooks.


Over 250 photographs guiding readers through each step of the various techniques; A full chapter describing adult self-therapy for headaches, back pain, fatigue etc; An extensive appendix containing a list of key pressure points and tuina terminology. As well as covering all the different kinds of tuina techniques, the authors show just how important it is that practitioners be alert to a patient's energy (qi) levels so as to apply the right intensity and duration of massage pressure. This brings in the TCM theories underlying tuina, and it is here that the conceptual framework of the book becomes apparent, making it more than just a manual of bodywork.

Our price $79.05

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Essentials of Tibetan Traditional Medicine

Tibetan medicine is a rarified field with few publications in English; it is also one of the most comprehensive of alternative therapies, addressing body, mind, and spirit. Written for intermediate-level practitioners, Essentials of Tibetan Traditional Medicine brings this important healing tradition to Western practitioners.

The book begins by summarizing the basics behind Tibetan medical theory and its methods of diagnosis. The second part of the book presents the core concepts of wind, bile, phlegm, dark phlegm, epidemic fever, heat, and cold, along with their corresponding nosologies, differential diagnoses, and treatments. The third section covers therapeutics, with an emphasis on medicinals—the mainstay of contemporary practice.

A chapter on therapeutic strategies discusses unclear diagnosis and other challenging clinical situations. Other chapters explore the crucial components of lifestyle and diet. Each herb and animal product used in Tibetan medicine is profiled on its own page, with its Tibetan, common, and botanical names; its key properties and clinical uses; its known pharmacological properties; and a simple illustration.

This useful handbook concludes with a description and indepth analysis of some 60 frequently used formulas.

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Five Elements Six Conditions - A Taoist Approach to Emotional Healing, Psychology, and Internal Alchemy

Gilles Marin

RRP $42.95. Special Price $38.66

Taoism and the use of the five elemental forces of nature for healing, says Gilles Marin, are esoteric, understandable only through daily experience with a knowledgeable mentor. Marin's 25 years of clinical practice teaching the ancient Taoist method of Chi Nei Tsang, which uses hands-on techniques and Taoist meditations to help clients heal, uniquely qualifies him for the task.

Five Elements, Six Conditions shows how simple and practical the ancient Taoist healing principles are and how effectively they deepen all methods of healing, including modern medical approaches. Step-by-step, he shows how to work with instead of against the body, whereby healing becomes not only possible but inevitable. His clear language, along with colour-coded maps and diagrams, enables readers to understand the alchemical principles formed and refined over hundreds of years. Each chapter includes specific exercises and meditations to help anyone integrate the essence of the teaching and develop at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

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