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Posted June 2015
Foundations of Naturopathic Nutrition
Foundations of Naturopathic Nutrition

A comprehensive guide to essential nutrients and nutritional bioactives
Fay Paxton

Published: 27 May 2015
RRP: $89.99
Extent: 624 pages

A systematic and extraordinarily comprehensive guide to the principles of clinical nutrition from a complementary health perspective.

Nutrition is a vital part of the complementary approach to health. This uniquely comprehensive and evidence-based text provides a detailed and systematic guide to the principles of clinical nutrition from a naturopathic perspective.

The text begins with an overview of basic physiological principles and the body's protective systems including the antioxidant, detoxification and immune systems. The focus then moves to an in-depth examination of food components, including essential nutrients, such as protein, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, as well as nutritional bioactives, such as coenzyme Q10, alpha-lipoic acid, phytochemicals, digestive enzymes and probiotics. There is detailed information on how each food component is digested and metabolised in the body, guidance on its impact on health, including an explanation of the effects of inadequate and excessive intake. The types of supplements available together with dietary sources are also explored.

Discussions of important nutritional topics are featured, including water as therapy, obesity, anorexia nervosa, high-protein diets, hypoglycaemia, diabetes, phytosterols, gamma-tocopherol, vitamin E and mortality, vitamin C and cancer, infantile scurvy, acid-forming and alkaline-forming diets, hair analysis, sodium and blood pressure, and coenzyme Q10 and cancer. Summary boxes, case studies and quizzes will help readers consolidate their knowledge.

This is an essential reference for everyone studying nutrition from a complementary health perspective.

Fay Paxton PhD is a naturopath and nutritionist. She has taught nutrition at the Southern School of Natural Therapies for over twenty-five years and has worked as a consultant for manufacturers of dietary and herbal supplements.

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Posted September 2012
No END Cookbook
No E.N.D. Cookbook

The No E.N.D. Cookbook was previously self-published by three mums with food allergic children who couldn’t find a cookbook they needed so they decided to create it! Exisle has now taken on No E.N.D. rereleasing it in paperback form and making it available in bookstores for the first time.

About the book
One in twenty children will develop a food allergy or intolerance. Life-threatening reactions can only be prevented by avoiding certain foods, putting extra pressure on parents to cook interesting meals while avoiding certain foods.

The No E.N.D. Cookbook makes food avoidance simple, tasty, and safe, with over 280 recipes excluding the three most common food allergens: eggs, nuts, and dairy. Other cookbooks eliminate just one allergen, or eliminate them all along with gluten, which is less of a problem for children.

Recipes include family favourites such as honey soy chicken, one pot spaghetti, salads, sauces, curries, and desserts are all suitable for the whole family so there will be no extra cooking and no-one feels left out. The focus is on traditional ‘no-frills’ cooking with the recipes all deliberately simple so you can personalise with your own secret ingredients as you like!

About the authors
DONNA WILSON is a mum of 3 living with allergies to egg, nuts, dairy and more recently, gluten. She is a qualified Food Technologist and Food Industry Trainer at the University of Ballarat delivering courses such as Food Handling and Safety, HACCP and Nutrition. Donna has an interest in the direction the food industry is heading toward tackling the allergy market.

MAUREEN HATCHER has a son with allergies to egg, nuts, dairy and more recently soy. She has an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services and a background working in long day care. She has combined these experiences to create a business providing anaphylaxis and asthma training. Maureen also teaches students to Diploma level, at the University of Ballarat in Children’s Services.

EMMA CARTER is a mum of 2 boys living with allergies to egg and nuts. Her background is in childcare and more specifically, working with children with additional needs. She runs a business providing visual aids for children with Autism and other disabilities. In the trio, she is known as the “cupcake queen”.

Posted August 2012
Food Shock
Food Shock – The truth about what we put on our plate…and what we can do to change it

Everyone wants to eat fresh, clean, nutrient-rich food. The more sophisticated of us want our food ethically produced as well. But the vast majority of food in Australia is mass-produced in an industrialised system and the results are not as palatable as the everyday shopper might imagine.

Our fruit and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, many of which have been banned overseas for years. Our beef is more often than not produced in feedlots, where thousands of cattle stand in their own faeces, regularly dosed with antibiotics to prevent the diseases that are an inevitable result of these conditions. Our chickens are ‘spin chilled’ in a dilute chlorine solution to help preserve them, and also to whiten the meat. The list goes on …

And if you combine all this with the as-yet-unknown effects of genetically modified crops, the growing water crisis, the continued sale of valuable farming land to foreign interests, and the constant struggle Australian farmers face to survive in a ‘free-market’ economy where ‘big business’ makes the profit and their overseas competitors are subsidised yet they are not, it soon becomes evident that food production in Australia faces a very uncertain future.

Food Shockinvestigates these issues and encourages us to ask some important questions: what are the alternatives to our current system? How do we get there? And what can we, the consumer, do to change things? The answers may surprise…

About the Author
Dianne Loughnan is a former Queensland and NSW provincial newspaper journalist and now commercial beef producer. She has also worked for the Queensland Landcare movement and has consulted to rural industries as a public relations practitioner. She currently lives and works with her husband and two children on their cattle property near Roma in southern inland Queensland.

Have you got to the Guts to be REALLY healthy?

By Don Chisholm

For the last 12 years Don Chisholm has worked on the theory that we are not what we eat, 'We are what we absorb'. Some evidence of this are the millions in the UK who are obese but registered as malnourished, also the 55,000 who die in UK hospitals from malnutrition.

We need 2 kilos of good bacteria in our gut to break down our foods so the nutrients can get to the cells, otherwise the food is useless. We also need the 500+ species of bacteria in our gut to do the variety of tasks to keep us healthy. You may already know that 80% of the immune is in the gut and without a balanced bacterium content, this is also compromised. So, what kills of our digestive and immune bacteria? Chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, birth control pills, stress, alcohol, antibiotics plus the thousands of chemicals we come in contact with every day.

This book is for beginners who are unaware of what should be general knowledge, it is an introduction to the fact we are living in an illusion that we are OK if we eat a healthy diet.

But, what is a health diet these days. Things have changed, our food has been compromised. Milk is not natural anymore, wheat has been modified, and more and more chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours are added to processed foods, which has increased diseases such as asthma, chronic fatigue, celiac disease, and just about any condition that is gut realated. Bloating, IBS, digestive problems are just a few more of what happens when the gut is out of balance. But the real killers such as Cancer, heart disease and diabetes are not on the decline, so more attention needs to be presented on disease prevention, and that must start with what we consume. Children are the latest victims of the new generation of gut problems, ADD, ADHD, Autism, learning difficulties and may more can also be associated with the gut.

If we don't make a difference now, future generations will suffer needlessly as the information is available, but very few know or have access to it.

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Healthy Skin Diet

By Karen Fischer

Beautiful skin is created by a body that’s functioning properly; by a body that is eliminating wastes efficiently, digesting food and transporting nutrients at lightning speeds around the body; it’s not something exclusively reserved for the genetically blessed. You can have it too. With its eight basic guidelines, The Healthy Skin Diet will take the guesswork out of creating clear skin.

You don’t even have to have bad skin to follow The Healthy Skin Diet as this program is fantastic for overall health and wellbeing. You can be in your nineties or starting school, and there is even information for parents with babies suffering from eczema.

So, if you have acne, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, rosacea, the odd pimple or simply want to prevent premature ageing and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, this is the book for you. You’ll also find the program works wonders for sinusitis, hay fever, asthma, arthritis and allergies! In fact, this book is the key not only to wonderful skin but to feeling wonderful too!

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The Seven Laws of Nutrition

How to transform your health, reverse chronic disease and free yourself from pharmaceuticals by mastering the fundamental laws of nutrition

Author Mike Adams takes you on a life-transforming tour through the world of foods, nutrition and chronic disease prevention in this masterful guide that teaches you how to take charge of your health. Inside, you'll hear nothing but the straight truth on conventional medicine, food manufacturing companies, the USDA, and why most doctors are clueless about nutrition. More importantly, you'll learn how to take control of your health with new information about healing foods, straightforward disease prevention, and the innate healing potential of your own body!


Available from Truth Publishing 


Mike Adams, Health Ranger
The Answer

Essential reading for anyone caring for someone with or suffering themselves with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Vestibulitis, Crohn’s, Colitis or Intersitual Cystitis

This is an easy to read, affordable and totally 'doable' book written by a fellow sufferer and naturopath. 'The Answer' is the ideal companion for anyone suffering from the debilitating symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Vestibulitis. Easy, explanations written in plain English and easy to follow recipes take all the hard work out of living with these conditions.


Available from Hydrosan Health 


Sharon George, B.Nat, Reviewed by Made Delaveris, Ethical Publishing Company
ANTA Book Review - Cholesterol
Cholesterol The Real Truth

This book reveals:

Powerful foods and supplements to lower your bad cholesterol.

Cholesterol - lowering raw juice recipes and a heart saving soup recipe

Cholesterol lowering shopping list

This well researched book shows you that Cholesterol is not the real villain of heart disease. Find out what the real cause of heart desease are, and you'll be amazed.

By Dr Sandra Cabot and Margaret Jasinska ND
ANTA Book Review - Snack it out
Snack it Out

We are seeing a dramatic increase in child obesity, cancer, diabetes and sickness and what we eat can influence our health.

This book seeks to inspire us all and to encourage children to eat healthy foods and provides recipes for healthy snacks that are easy to prepare, taste great and assists in making healthy choices about the food we eat.

By Donalee Halkett
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