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Posted October 2012
The Complete Practitioners Manual of Homoeoprophylaxis
The Complete Practitioner's Manual of Homoeoprophylaxis: A Practical Handbook of Homoeopathic Immunisation

Dr Isaac Golden

This is the fifth book in a series on immunisation options, the others being:

  • Vaccination & Homoeoprophylaxis? A review of Risks and Alternatives. 7th ed. 2012
  • Vaccine Damaged Children: Treatment, Prevention, Reasons. 2010 reprint
  • Homoeoprophylaxis - A fiftheen Year Clinical Study. 2004
  • Homoeoprophylaxis - A Practical and Philosophical Review. 4th ed. 2007

Homoeoprophylaxis has been part of mainstream homoeopathy since 1798, but its use remains controversial. Its history and evidentiary base is frequently misunderstood. This book aims to provide homeopaths, as well as practitioners of any modality and students with a complete grounding in the topic. It contains comprehensive instructions how to implement both short-term and long-term HP programs, a through presentation of the evidentiary base of HP as well as an in-depth discussion of its philosophical underpinnings. This is the most comprehensive resource currently available on the challenging topic of homeopathic immunisation.

Isaac explains the theoretical and conceptual framework of the homeopathy approach. He provides the historical context. He discusses the observable data. the conclusion is clear - based upon this body of works, more research into the long-term effects of conventional vaccines and the effectiveness of potential homeopathic alternatives is essential. Alistair Gray, Department Head, Homeopathy E.C.N.H.

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ANTA Book Review - Vaccine Damaged Children
Vaccine Damaged Children: Treatment, Prevention, Reasons

This book examines what is possibly the most unrecognised public health problem in our community; the long-term impact of vaccination on the general health of children and adults. The book provides data which proves that vaccines cause damage, and shows the findings of Isaac’s new “reverse” research quantifying the symptoms caused by specific vaccines. The homoeopathic treatment of vaccine damage is described in detail, including cases of both long and short term treatment. This is a book for practitioners of all modalities, but especially for homoeopaths.

It is also a book for parents, and an Appendix introducing homoeopathic method is provided.

By Dr Isaac Golden
ANTA Book Review - Practical Homoeopathy
Practical Handbook of Homeopathy

Trustworthy, comprehensive and user-friendly advice for the practical application of homoeopathy at home. Many people have found homoeopathy to be safe and effective and want to know more, keen to take responsibility and participate in their own healing. Colin Griffith's comprehensive yet accessible book provides authoritative information on the subject: it explains how homoeopathic remedies work, which treatments to use for particular ailments, and when professional advice must be sought. The first part of this Handbook answers the most frequently asked questions about homoeopathic treatment. The second part is divided into 27 sections, each covering a different aspect of health. These chapters cover a wide range of topics, starting with Accident and Emergency, and then suggested remedial action for problems with every aspect of corporal and emotional health, with back-up suggestions and referral to other therapies where necessary. You will also find sections on pregnancy, coping with difficult children, travelling abroad and the importance of diet and nutrition. The third part of the book lists 50 of the most commonly needed remedies for acute conditions – remedies that can easily and safely be stored in the house.

With information on diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure, this is an invaluable addition to every home.

By Colin Griffith - $39.95 – Available to order through all good bookstores
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