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Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang: Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand in Gold for Every Emergency: 3 Volumes on Gynecology

By Sun Si Miao, translated by Sabine Wilms.

These 3 volumes are part of a 30 volume set that represent Sun Si Miao's extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine during the Tang dynasty. It covers pathological mechanisms, diagnostic protocols, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment strategies, and pharmacology.

These 3 volumes are the OBGYN and Gynecological works, and covers in depth topics such as:

  • Infertility
  • Menstrual Difficulties
  • Fetal Education
  • Labor
  • Child Birth
  • Postpartum Care
  • Birth Control
  • Herbal Abortions.

Student/practitioner Price $255  (RRP$300)

Download PDF Further Information » (PDF 551KB)

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture
Atlas of Blood and Qi Disorders in Chinese Medicine

By Zhao Ziyang and Xuemei Li.

Eastland Press have long provided Chinese Medicine with the best quality books, edited to the highest standards and allowing the transmission of knowledge to be thorough and complete. 

In Chinese medicine, qi and blood are the most fundamental elements of the human body, and disorders affecting either of them can give rise to a variety of conditions. Dysfunctions or abnormalities of the channels, collaterals, and the various tissues and organs of the body are all related to changes in the qi and blood.  Understanding and treating these disorders is therefore very important in clinical practice.

Atlas of Blood and Qi Disorders in Chinese Medicine provides over a hundred vivid photographic examples of blood and qi disorders drawn from actual clinical practice along with a discussion of associated clinical manifestations, diagnostic procedures, and treatment principles and methods.

Individual chapters are devoted to patterns of qi deficiency, blood deficiency, hot and cold blood, blood statis, and bleeding as well as the tongue signs related to these disorders. The book also discusses associated eight parameter and organ theory, with many helpful summary tables at the end of each chapter.

RRP: $57.95; Special Price: $45.25

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Reproducing Women
REPRODUCING WOMEN: Medicine, Metaphor, and Childbirth in Late Imperial China

This innovative book uses the lens of cultural history to examine the development of medicine in Qing dynasty China.

Focusing on the specialty of "medicine for women“ (fuke), Yi-Li Wu explores the material and ideological issues associated with childbearing in the late imperial period.

She draws on a rich array of medical writings that circulated in seventeenth- to nineteenth-century China to analyse the points of convergence and contention that shaped people's views of women's reproductive diseases.

These points of contention touched on fundamental issues:

  • How different were women's bodies from men's?
  • What drugs were best for promoting conception and preventing miscarriage?
  • Was childbirth inherently dangerous?
  • And who was best qualified to judge?

Wu shows that late imperial medicine approached these questions with a new, positive perspective.

"This is a tremendoulsy rich, exhaustively researched work - it is a pioneering study that will undoubtedly become a standard reading on women's medicine in Chinese history" - Ruth Rogaski, author.

RRP $84.95; Special Price $72.20

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Tuina Therapy Massage
Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis 2nd Edition - by Barbara Kirschbaum

This new  edition of Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis contains over two hundred colour photographs of tongues seen in a Western clinic. The photos provide a graphic representation of a wide variety of common disorders. Each photograph is accompanied by a description of the significant features of the tongue, the corresponding Chinese diagnosis for each feature, accompanying symptoms, Western diagnosis, and pertinent background information. 
The sequence of the photos shows the increasing degree of imbalance among the body’s energies.

The presentation of the tongues is organized according to the nature of the underlying organ disharmony:- Lungs, Spleen, Stomach, Kidney, Heart, Liver.

Other chapters focus on particular aspects of the tongue such as pale tongues, cracked tongues, special coatings, as well as those associated with heat disorders and blood stasis. A final chapter surveys several cases that reflect how the tongue changed over the course of treatment, with before and after photographs. This systematic presentation provides the student and practitioner with a much deeper understanding of the methodology of tongue diagnosis in Chinese medicine.

Barbara Kirschbaum received her Bachelor of Acupuncture at the International College of Oriental Medicine (England) in 1980, where she taught for seven years, and has pursued additional studies at various TCM hospitals in China. She frequently lectures on acupuncture and Chinese medicine in her native Germany and abroad, and currently holds a post at the University of Witten/Herdecke. She has been in the private practice of Chinese medicine for over 30 years and is the author and co-author of a number of books in this field.

RRP $123; Special $104.55 (plus P&H)

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Clinical Handbook of Chinese Herbs: Desk Reference

The 'Clinical Handbook of Chinese Herbs: Desk Reference' is an excellent clinician's resource.

"I have been using the first edition of Will Maclean's Clinical Handbook of Chinese Herbs Desk Reference for many years in my dispensary, and it is more fingered, dog eared, herb stained and well loved than any other book in my library. It is hands down the most user friendly herb book I have come across" - Jane Lyttleton, TCM Practitioner, author of 'The Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine'.


  • Tables comparing indications, functions, areas of influence, flavors and nature across groups of herbs
  • Practical information about the effects of different types of processing, dosage variations, delivery format and concise cautions and contraindications
  • Appendices of herbs proscribed during pregnancy, herbs with potential toxicity, endangered species and possible substitutes, herbs requiring special treatment, and formulae noted in the text

Distilled from the major herb reference texts used in China and the West, the desk reference is quick and easy to use, with clear and accurate tables comparing all the herbs used in the modern clinic. Designed to help students master the formidable task of learning the materia medica, and to enhance the dexterity of experienced practitioners, the desk reference is an essential guide to the intricate logic of Chinese herbal prescription.

Special Price: $39.95

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The Treatment of Pain with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture

This new edition of "The Treatment of Pain with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture" gives a thorough and analytical review of the diagnosis and treatment options for pain, using acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine.

Based on the clinical experience of the author and supported by that of acupuncturists in Chinese universities, it offers a comprehensive and detailed set of treatments for a wide variety of pain symptoms & conditions.

Although pain syndromes are often complicated, involving both psychological and physical difficulties, resulting in sometimes hesitation in deciding a correct treatment, there are still some short-cut ways to achieve a successful result.

It features: a thorough exploration of the aetiologies and pathologies for pain in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine; clear discussion of the principles of treatment, acupuncture point selection and combination; and detailed explanation of herbal and acupuncture treatments for common and complex pain conditions.

It includes detailed and useful case histories. New to this edition:

  • new chapter on treatment of pain in children
  • separate sections for the gynecologic conditions
  • includes Western-named conditions
  • red flags for practitioners to indicate situations which are potentially life-threatening or dangerous
  • suggested treatments now include acupuncture as well as herbal treatments
  • following on from each treatment a prognosis is now provided.

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Treating Autoimmune Disease with Chinese Medicine

By Wanzhu Hou, Guangpi Xu & Hanjie Wang, published by Churchill Livingstone

Treating Autoimmune Disease with Chinese Medicine clearly describes the integration of Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. This book describes how Chinese medicine can treat autoimmune diseases by clearly presenting recommendations for acupuncture point and herbal treatment when the patient presents with different symptoms, different blood results and may be taking different medications.

¦ Written by highly qualified practitioners with long experience of working in both Chinese and Western medical environments ¦ Addresses the use of Chinese medicine in a wide range of autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and psoriasis ¦ Explains the disease patterns which are common to many autoimmune diseases and which need to be understood in order to make the appropriate treatment choice ¦ Includes treatments using both acupuncture and Chinese herbs

About the Author
Wanzhu Hou, Lac, Dipl CH, Ac, OMD(USA), CEO of All Natural Medicine Clinic and Licensed and Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese herbologist in the USA.

RRP $76; Special $64.60 plus p&h.

Download PDF Download Details and Order Form » (PDF 192 KB)

Contemporary Gynecology: An Integrated Chinese-Western Approach

In this new text from Dr Lifang Liang, practitioners will find the latest information from both Western and Chinese medicine on most major gynecological diseases. Throughout the book Dr Liang presents Chinese medical treatments to use either alone or with Western medical therapies.

Dr Lifang Liang, O.M.D., Ph.D, L.Ac received her M.D from the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, where she studied both Western and Chinese Medicine. She later moved to the United States to conduct research on in vitro fertilization at the University of Texas and went on to earn her Ph.D in the treatment of infertility using a combination of Chinese and Western medicine.

With 35 years of clinical experience, Dr Liang now works closely with infertility specialists and Obstetrics/Gynecologist physicians to treat infertility and gynecological conditions by integrating Chinese and Western medicine. Currently, she teaches in the Doctoral Program at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

'Contemporary Gynecology: An Integrated Chinese-Western Approach' follows Dr Liang's first highly-acclaimed book 'Acupuncture & IVF: Increase IVF Success By 40-60%'.

RRP $75; CHINA BOOKS Special Price $63.75 plus postage.

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Kampo: A Clinical Guide to Theory and Practice

By Otsuka  KEISETSU, now available for the special price of $64.60.

The Japanese form of herbal medicine is easily overlooked in the West due to a lack of sufficient translations and it is encouraging to see this information is now starting to filter down to us with more books such as this being translated  into English.

It might be time to broaden our model to encompass this unique form of herbal medicine which developed independently from that of China.  This is a fresh perspective  with different influences that is still deeply rooted in  the two classics of 'Discussion on Cold Damage' and 'Essentials from the Golden  Cabinet'.

Download PDF Download Information Sheet » (PDF 306 KB)

Chinese Medicine in Fertility Disorders

By Andreas Noll & Sabine Williams. Foreword by Debra Betts

Fertility Disorders are forming an ever-increasing part of a TCM clinician's practice. Up to one in four couples experience some kind of fertility issue and are turning to TCM for assistance.

"In 2002 acupuncture research published in a Western medical fertility journal attracted attention from both medical professionals and the general public. This interest has continued with further research published in reputable journals raising awareness amongst medical personnel about the benefits of working with acupuncturists, and website information stimulating interest from couples undergoing fertility treatment.

This book offers practitioners the information to work confidently within a western medical environment - with chapters covering physiology and pathology of fertility and reproduction from a Western and traditional Chinese medical perspective. Having read this book I have no hesitation in recommending it as an essential text for any practitioner working in the area of fertility and reproductive medicine"

Debra Betts
Wellington, New Zealand. 2010

* Case studies with real-life examples
* Specific treatment approaches
* Information on both TCM and Western therapies
* Perspectives from numerous Chinese medicine specialists
* Extensive quotations from classical texts

'Chinese Medicine in Fertility Disorders' is an invaluable resource for practitioners - a very practical book, a MUST for every clinic.

Download PDF Download Information Sheet » (PDF 190 KB)

Chinese Herbal Formulas: Treatment Principles and Composition Strategies

By Yifan Yang

Deepening our understanding and adding 'personality' to the herbs and formulas we study "Chinese Herbal Formulas: Treatment Principles and Composition Strategies" covers the theory and concept of composition of herbal formulas in depth in part I and in part II, the bulk, syndrome and formula composition are discussed.

How to use the basic treatment rules and composition strategies, abstracted from hundreds of formulas, in order to create individual formulas for treating a variety of syndromes. The method is clear and easy to understand, with a systematic approach and an emphasis on essential knowledge. In this title, 19 common syndromes and 60 sub-syndromes are described and discussed in detail, illustrated with clear line drawings. Chinese diagnosis of syndromes are related to the Western disease names. Treatment principles and plans are given for each syndrome. Principles of herb selection are introduced with recommendations and explanations of specific herbs in relation to each syndrome.

166 classic formulas are given as examples. Treatment strategies in complicated syndromes, treatment sequences, cautionary advice for herbs and combinations with Western drugs, dosage management in a variety of conditions and commonly used pairs of herbs are all discussed. Detailed indexes and contents lists facilitate quick reference and searching within the text. It is the ideal companion to 'Chinese Herbal Medicines: Comparisons and Characteristics', by the same author.

RRP: $97
Special Practitioner/Student Price: $82.45
268 pages, Hardback

Phone (02) 9280 1885
Fax (02) 9280 1887

An Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels: Acupuncture, Alchemy and Herbal Medicine

By Charles Chace and Miki Shima

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels are an enigmatic part of Chinese medicine that have long been waiting for serious discussion. Charles Chace and Miki Shima's  magnificent translation now, finally, does justice to Li Shi-Zhen's famous Exposition on the subject.

Li Shi-Zhen's Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (Qi jing ba mai kao) is among the most remarkable texts in the Chinese medical literature. Bringing together writings on acupuncture, herbal medicine, and internal cultivation (nei dan), it argues that aspiring adepts and physicians alike must understand the full scope of the extraordinary vessels if they hope to achieve their respective goals.

RRP: $76.95
CHINA BOOKS Special Price: $65.40

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Fax (02) 9280 1887

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