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Better Living with IBS
Better Living With...IBS.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) affects approximately 20% of the population and the bad news is there is no cure with medical treatments only moderately effective at treating the symptoms.

If you have ever suffered from IBS then you will know how IBS sufferers feel. They shy away from public places, they stop participating in activities, they feel anxious, sadness and frustration that they are missing out on life. IBS sufferers in order to avoid stressful situations, give up the things that matter most.

Better Living With...IBS provides sufferers with a fully comprehensive program to managing their IBS based on the highly respected psychological approach known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The ACT approach proposes that most of the suffering experienced by IBS patients comes from the feeling of missing out on valued life activities and from over-focusing or trying to get rid of IBS experiences such as symptoms, negative thoughts or emotions. ACT offers an alternative solution of simply accepting them. If unwanted experiences caused by IBS are accepted and not struggled with, then the person will have more time, energy and willingness to engage in activities that really matter in life.

Better Living With...IBS is structured in a simple, user-friendly workbook format, and includes numerous practical exercises to help the reader implement the approach effectively in their own life.

Growing yourself up
Growing Yourself Up

We have a new book out in March 2012 it’s called Growing Yourself Up and its premise would make for great feature stories…

We may be fully grown adults but many of us have room to grow in being emotionally mature in our relationships.

How many times have you blamed the other person for a problem? How many times have you let fly with your emotions? Sometimes you probably find yourself thinking that if only the people around you could grow up then life would be much easier!

However, blaming the other person in relationships is fruitless because the only person we can change and control is our own self.

“’My husband doesn’t make any effort to show me he cares.’ ‘I have given everything to my daughter; why can’t she get her life together?’ ‘My parents never encouraged me and now I am suffering for it.’ There’s a common thread to the complaints or concerns that many people bring to a counsellor’s office”, says author Jenny Brown in the book. “The problem is the other person and everything would be better if that person realised this. Many are often surprised to hear me say that the only change effort I think is productive is to figure out what can be changed about ourselves.”

Growing Yourself Up will teach you that genuine maturity for life starts with learning to observe ourselves in our relationships, and appreciating that problems are not just in the individual but also in the interconnections — the relationship systems — with others.

Few of us like to think that as adults we still could benefit from a bit more maturity, but when we are willing to be more real about our relating patterns and work to change ourselves, the benefits for us and our relationships can be profound.
Drawing from Bowen family systems theory, Growing Yourself Up takes you through the relationships we experience in our life time – from being a single young adult to marriage to having children to divorces to midlife crisis and old age – to see the predictable patterns of relationships and to show you how to use this knowledge to make purposeful adjustments in yourself. The result, though certainly not a quick fix, is a sturdier self, sturdier relationships and a refreshing new way of viewing life’s challenges and opportunities.

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The Essence of Woman
The Essence of Woman

The Essence of Woman, by Annie Meredith is compelling reading and a must for women in all stages of life from womb to tomb, helping them align with the vital primary forces of life which are the principles of co-operation, sharing, nurturing, supporting and conservation. These values are uniquely inscripted into female biology, driving both their psychology and physical functioning.

Many women have become disconnected from their feminine core and, as a consequence, from the natural functioning of their bodies. The more dissociated they become, the more disempowered they are.

When women return to the source of their power and reconnect with their feminine intelligence, they become empowered and as nature intended them to be: sexy, articulate, intuitive, feeling and healing, and compassionately compelled to seek quality connection with those in their intimate circle. After all it is they who carry the baton of life force energy through to the next generation.

In so doing, a woman enhances her own health and vitality, uplifts her primary relationships and ensures the wellbeing of her children, the planet and the human race.

In reading this enlightening book, as women you will learn how to listen to the whisperings of your own inner truth, thus allowing the immense power surge that accompanies acknowledging and living in alignment with your feminine core.
As men you will learn to better understand and dovetail into the soft undulations of the feminine psyche whilst retaining, upholding and engaging your own potent masculine spirit.

The Spirit of Woman
The Spirit of Woman

Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences and the accompanying book, Spirit of Woman, provide practical, emotional & spiritual tools for women to use in their everyday lives to enhance their journey to self-empowerment. Brought to life by internationally known BodyMind teacher, author and healer, Annie Meredith, Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences come from plants growing in the wild, cool, feminine energies of sacred Mt Nebo in south-east Queensland, Australia.

This unique range of healing essence blends supports women in all walks of life, with relationships, parenting, personal growth, and spiritual exploration.

The Spirit Of Woman accompanying book is an engaging and informative exploration of BodyMind healing and how flower essences feature as powerful balancers of challenging emotional and attitudinal distortions that culminate in physical dysfunction. Described in an easy to understand way, this book stands alone as a helpful guide to the underlying attitudes that precipitate emotional and physical dis-ease for women. It also articulates for men, the unique way that women feel and think, providing an invaluable key to understanding their female loved ones.

Included are two chapters by renowned astrologer Charyn McLean integrating counselling and Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences Therapy with the art of astrology.

This book offers an exciting and fresh BodyMind perspective on the emotional and psychological underpinnings of disease and wellness and is a highly worthwhile read for practitioners and lay-persons alike.

Enjoy Emotional Freedom

Simple techniques for living life to the full.

By Steve Wells and David Lake.

By teaching a simple system of tapping on the body’s meridian points, this book enables you to ‘tune’ and ‘tone’ your body’s energy system for the immediate benefit of relaxation and a reduction of the body’s stress responses generally. The techniques can also be used to help resolve a number of emotional issues, typically fear, anxiety and hurt. There are very few techniques that ordinary people can use alone to gain some control over dysfunctional feelings, but this is one of them, allowing anyone to get results without having to be psychologically minded or clever.

The book is full of deceptively simple yet highly effective tips and strategies that guide you into ways of being better balanced and more emotionally ‘fit’, regardless of any negative thinking you might be saddled with at present. It gives you the life-long gift of being able to help yourself far more than you ever imagined possible.

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