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Posted February 2013
Ayurvedic Medicine
Ayurvedic Medicine: The Principles of Traditional Practice

An ideal and valuable introduction to Ayurveda, especially useful for naturopaths who wish to gain a better introduction to this powerful medical system.

Sebastian Pole Lic OHM, Ayur HC is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Chinese Herbalist working in Bath in the UK. He is a member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association and Director of the Pharmacopoeia Committee as well as a member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Sebastian is also the Herbal Director and founding partner of Pukka Herbs, the Organic Ayurvedic Specialists.

Ayurvedic Medicine brings the unique theories and traditions of Ayurveda alive so that they are accessible to the complementary health practitioner of today. This book offers a clear, logical and yet detailed guide to Ayurvedic herbalism. It encompasses a brief history of the growth of traditional medicine in India, a discussion of its fundamental principles and treatment strategies as well as the energetic approach to traditional Ayurvedic herbal pharmacy and pharmacology. It is a clinical manual as well as a reference book, which relates classical Ayurvedic teachings to modern herbal medicine, as well as specific biomedical conditions.


  • Attractive reprint with colour-coded page tags and abundant colour plates, highly user-friendly.
  • Discusses the herbal materia medica of Ayurveda in a way accessible to the western complementary practitioner, along with traditional ayurvedic energetics.
  • Contains uniquely styled plant profiles which combine information on over 100 herbs and 50 formulas.
  • Includes characteristics, usage, combinations, contraindications and safety and dosage information.
  • Clearly presents the Ayurvedic theory of clinical treatment as well as its application.
  • Combines pure Ayurveda with modern herbal medicine and biomedicine.
  • Full-colour illustrations of each fresh and dried herb.

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Yatan Yoga Therapy

A Natural Guide to Longevity and Vitality

This book follows on from Raman Das' previous book, YATAN Yoga - A Natural Guide to Health and Harmony, published in 2007, but focuses on therapeutic yoga routines for a wide range of common health problems and different occupations.

Pranayama, mudra, meditation and yogic detoxification techniques are all described in detail in a simple and practical way, which together with the asanas and health tips for Ayurvedic herbs and diet describe a complete, optimised yoga practice whether healthy or suffering specific conditions.

The recommended retail price of the book is $49.95
The book can be purchased online now a, and will be distributed nationally to bookstores by Woodslane.

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