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Formulas, Herbs and Isolates in the Cancer Clinic
The Aromatic Practitioners Reference

Maria Mitchell

This is not your usual run of the mill general interest aromatherapy book you
would find on your local bookstore shelf.

This is a highly professional, specialised book for practitioners of clinical aromatherapy and aromatic medicine.  The author Maria Mitchell, has both practised and taught aromatherapy for over eight years, educating her students on the responsible practice and application of essential oils.

This book is well laid out and easy to use, with a ring binder allowing it to lay flat, and with each of the 100 oils described on the two facing pages.  The oils are in alphabetical order, and the plant names from which the oil is extracted is given in it's common and scientific or botanical form.

The following information is also provided. The type of extraction method, and which part of the plant is used. It's constitutuents with the highest percentage listed first.  Therapeutic properties, with the primary, significant  and notable properties noted (as listed) in order of the importance of their therapeutic properties, by the number of crosses given to each property

eg. Rosemary:
It's main properties are analgesic and expectorant (3 crosses) while it's 'lesser' properties are antispasmodic and rubefacient, indicated by 1 cross.

This is a very good and clear way of seeing at a glance the major and minor properties each plant/oil has, without having to work it out.

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