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The practice of natural and complementary therapy has increased dramatically in recent years. More and more people are now prepared to try alternative forms of healing, and yet the number of options now available can make it difficult to know which therapy to choose.

Our unique directory allows you to Find a Natural Therapist online by searching for suitable Natural and Complementary Therapists and practitioners of Alternative Medicine in your area.

Choosing a Therapist

For more information read our Guidance on Choosing a Therapist.

Which Therapy is best for you?

Many different forms of therapy can help with the same health problem, and yet some practices specialise in treating specific conditions. Information has been gathered to help you decide on which therapy is best for you.

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Once you are comfortable with the therapy that is right for you, Find a Natural Therapist with ANTA's unique directory of practitioners.

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It's your choice, Naturally

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Issue: 32 No.1 | March 2017

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