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Occupational Physicians tackle the public health problems associated with being out of work

“Long-term worklessness,” Professor Sir Mansel Aylward said during his recent visit, “is one of the greatest known risks to Public Health. It has a health risk equivalent to that of smoking ten packs of cigarettes per day

AFOEM - 3 Nov 2010
Yoga is Good for Your Body and Mind

Yoga is a combination of a series of postures and controlled breathing exercises. It is considered a mind-body type of alternative medicine.

NaturalNews - 30th July 2010
Therapy and counseling as effective as drugs in early stages of depression, says study

Study states that psychological therapy and counseling (also known as "talk" therapy or cognitive therapy) are as effective as drugs in the early stages of treating moderate and severe depression.

NaturalNews - 3 Mar 2009
Van Against Violence Campaign

Considerable research shows that natural therapists are an identified point for first disclosure for people in distress including after sexual assault.

NSW Rape Crisis Centre - 6 Oct 2008
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