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Neck manipulation re-think after study

Australian research has cast doubt over the necessity of vigorous spinal manipulations used by many chiropractors to treat neck pain.

AAP - 12 Nov 2010
Hands-On Approaches to the Challenges of Back Pain

"Oh my aching back" is a popular phrase, and for good reason. Four out of five adults will experience low-back pain during their lives. For some people, the acute discomfort subsides within a few weeks; for others the pain becomes chronic and debilitating.

NCCAM - 1st October 2010
Alternative Medicine Soars as Pharmaceuticals Sour

Due to rapidly growing interest among the general population in treatments other than conventional drugs and surgery, many in mainstream medicine are adopting this dual modus operandi when it comes to prescribing treatment options to their patients.

NaturalNews - 18 September 2009
Craniosacral Therapy Works for Plagiocephaly

Plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrome, is a deformation of the head due to an infant's skull being flattened as a result of pressure from outside forces.

NaturalNews - 9 June 2009
Chiropractic Care Naturally Treats Colic

Despite the research done on colic there is no known cause, which can make treatment difficult. Chiropractic care has shown some of the best results, with 94% of colicky babies demonstrating improvement with chiropractic adjustments.

NaturalNews - 20 Apr 2009
Chiropractic is Health Care, Not Disease Care

Chiropractors have, for the past 112 years, treated sickness and infirmity without the use of drugs and with the goal of avoiding surgical removal or repair of any of the body's organs or structures. Chiropractic's message is that the proactive care of one's body and wise lifestyle choices are necessary to achieve health.

NaturalNews - 23 Mar 2009
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