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ANTA > News > News Item: Changes to Naturopathy, Nutrition, Homeopathy & Western Herbal Medicine qualifications

Changes to Naturopathy, Nutrition, Homeopathy & Western Herbal Medicine qualifications

The Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council (CSHISC) has for some time held discussions with professional associations, industry and other stakeholders regarding the review of Advanced Diploma qualifications and to determine if qualifications should be re-aligned at Bachelor Degree level.

ANTA has been involved in the Industry Reference Group (IRG) & Subject Matter Expert Groups (SMEG’s) to oversee the reviews and discussions. Members of the IRG & SMEG’s support the establishment of Bachelor Degree as the educational qualification for the profession.

The CSHISC has advised the time frame for removing Advanced Diploma programs from the Health Training package is December 2015, and Bachelor Degree programs will become the new educational qualification for the profession.

Students enrolled in Naturopathy, Nutrition, Homeopathy or Western Herbal Medicine Advanced Diploma courses will be able to complete courses under teach out programs recognised by ANTA and will still be eligible to apply for ANTA membership when they graduate, be registered by ANTA as providers with health funds and obtain professional indemnity insurance.
The change in qualification requirements to Bachelor Degree level post 2015 does not mean existing ANTA members who do not have Bachelor Degree qualifications are required to upgrade to Bachelor Degree level.

Members who do not have Bachelor Degree qualifications can continue to practice as normal, retain their health fund provider recognition, ANTA membership, professional indemnity insurance and professional standing, etc. provided they maintain continuous membership with ANTA.
To keep our records up-to-date, members who make their own decision to upgrade to Bachelor Degree level should provide ANTA with a certified copy of their Bachelor Degree qualification and Academic Transcript upon completion.

Important note: At some stage health funds will upgrade qualification requirements for provider recognition to Bachelor Degree (the requirement for Bachelor Degree qualifications by health funds for provider recognition will not be back-dated and will only apply at some point in the future). Members who do not have Bachelor Degree qualifications must keep their ANTA membership current at all times otherwise they will be removed as providers by health funds and be required to upgrade qualifications to Bachelor Degree to be re-instated as a provider with health funds.

The upgrading of qualifications to Bachelor Degree level does NOT mean registration under AHPRA is imminent. ANTA will, however, continue to lobby and pursue statutory registration for the natural therapy profession.

ANTA members and ANTA student members who have any concerns or require assistance regarding the above should contact ANTA on 1800 817 577 or

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