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ANTA signs Agreement with Medibank Private for Remedial Massage Therapy Provider recognition

Medibank PrivateANTA is pleased to advise that it has signed an agreement with Medibank Private which will allow new ANTA members accredited in Remedial Massage Therapy to now be included on lists to be sent to Medibank for provider recognition.

The suspension by Medibank of recognising any new Remedial Massage Therapists for all associations has been resolved for ANTA and ANTA members.

In recent times Medibank discovered numerous providers were completing sub-standard qualifications, inappropriately advertising their services, providing unusually high service levels and not adhering to Medibank’s definition of remedial massage.

As a result Medibank has upgraded existing requirements for provider registration in remedial massage therapy.

The upgraded requirements are summarised as follows:

Education requirements:

  • completion of Diploma of Remedial Massage HLT50307 (or equivalent) with a minimum course duration of 12 months (full time) or minimum of 18 months (part time)
  • a minimum of 20% of the course to contain clinical training conducted on campus supervised by a trainer with appropriate qualifications
  • practical course components including surface anatomy, palpation, clinical examination, assessment of conditions, treatment plans, tactile therapies, massage techniques and other associated therapeutics and techniques must also be completed on campus

Associations to ensure graduates admitted as members:

  • have completed the minimum education requirements
  • complete minimum of 20 hours CPE annually
  • are fit and proper persons and have not been rejected by associations or health funds
  • take and maintain treatment plans and clinical notes to the standard expected by Medibank

Associations to:

  • resolve any breaches by members of Medibank Provider Recognition Criteria
  • conduct random audits of members to ensure completion of 20 hours CPE annually
  • conduct random audits of members treatment plans and clinic notes
  • conduct investigations into the reasons for rejection of a member by an association
  • provide ongoing education to members concerning the use and consequences of fraud and misuse of provider numbers
  • encourage members to report provider fraud or misuse by another practitioner
  • report to Medibank and ASQA any registered training organisation that is not delivering the training course as it was intended

Limitations on granting provider numbers for remedial massage:

  • Medibank will not grant more than 3 provider numbers to any provider (member)
  • if the association believes the member should be granted more than 3 provider numbers, the association will write to Medibank setting out the reasons why additional provider numbers should be granted by Medibank
  • Medibank has sole discretion to grant additional provider numbers

In addition to the above, Medibank has requested associations:

  • provide declarations of any association board members who own or manage a registered training organisation
  • monitor how members advertise their services
  • highlight to members if multiple services are provided during appointments that only one receipt is to be issued
  • advise members Medibank will also conduct regular random on-site audits of remedial massage therapy practitioners

ANTA believes the requirements outlined above will significantly improve the quality of services and standing of the remedial therapy profession.

ANTA has set and maintained high professional standards for all members and the above requirements will have little effect on ANTA remedial massage therapy members.

ANTA will immediately commence implementation of the above requirements to support members and to ensure ANTA members accredited in remedial massage therapy continue as providers with Medibank.

Members, Student Members and graduates requiring any further information should contact the ANTA National Administration Office on 1800 817 577 or

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