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ANTA Announces National Student Bursary Awards for 2013

ANTA has supported natural therapy students with Bursary Awards for more than 8 years and is pleased to announce the recipients of the ANTA National Student Bursary Awards for 2103.

The recipients of ANTA National Student Bursary Awards 2013 of $1,000 each are:

  • Carrie-Ann Ross - WA
  • Sascha Beck - WA
  • Gina Gumbley - QLD
  • Nicole Hannan - QLD
  • Riane Harrich - QLD
  • Vicky Melis - VIC
  • Matthew Boyle - VIC
  • Josephine Cabrall - VIC
  • Sam Cartwright - VIC
  • Swan-Lynn Tan - NSW

The following students also lodged high quality bursary submissions and have been awarded complimentary ANTA Membership:

  • Catherine Brooking - WA
  • Nikki Milne - WA
  • Perri Jewell - QLD
  • Gabrielle Beaumont - QLD
  • Shannon Gibson - VIC
  • Christine Simons - VIC
  • Kylie Snell - VIC
  • Adrian Stone - VIC
  • Paul Middleton - NSW
  • Rebecca Walton - NSW
  • Amanda Reimann - NSW

ANTA congratulates the above students and would also like to thanks all the students who lodged bursary submissions in 2013.

ANTA has now awarded more than $80,000 in ANTA National Student Bursary Awards.

A further 10 National Students Bursary Awards of $1,000 will again be provided to students in 2014.

ANTA National Council

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