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ANTA Invited to Make a Submission regarding NSW HCCC Inquiry

HCCCThe Committee of the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) is undertaking an inquiry into the promotion of false and misleading health-related information or practices.

ANTA has been invited to make a submission to The Chair, Committee on the Health Care Complaints Commission, Parliament House Sydney NSW 2000.

Information received advises the inquiry has been prompted by concerns about the possible lack of proper oversight of individuals and organisations that publish or disseminate information of a purportedly medical nature that is not only contrary to accepted medical practice, but which may be harmful to individual or public health.

Information received also advises the inquiry is not focused on the many alternative health remedies adopted as part of responsible complementary health care. Nor will it inquire into the many legitimate discussions and studies taking place within the science community about effective health treatment and options.

The Committee has advised further evidence will be taken at public hearings in early 2014.

Further information regarding the committee, submissions and terms of reference are available at

ANTA will be lodging a submission with the Committee on the Health Care Complaints Commission.

Members wishing to provide feedback regarding this inquiry and ANTA submission should send it to

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