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Chinese Medicine Board of Australia - Consultations

The Board will undertake wide-ranging consultation on proposals that affect the profession.

Proposed Registration Standards

The Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (the Board) recently released a consultation paper on proposed FIVE MANDATORY registration standards for:

  1. Continuing professional development
  2. Criminal history
  3. English language skills
  4. Professional indemnity insurance (PII)
  5. Recency of practice

In addition, the Board is also consulting on a draft grand-parenting registration standard. Released: 5 September 2011


Update on progress

The Board has received submissions from more than 350 entities and persons. The Executive Officer is now:

  • collecting and recording all submissions;
  • preparing to publish all submissions on the Board's website (except where a request has been made not to publish);
  • analysing the submissions and identifying the key themes; and
  • preparing to write a detailed report for the Board which next meets on 25 October 2011.

All views expressed in the submissions will be considered by the board for the finalisation of the proposed standards for submission to the Ministerial Council. The primary role of the Board is to develop standards that provide sufficient clarity to practitioners about registration requirements and also provide for the protection to the public health and safety.

The Board will revise the standards and prepare them for the Ministerial Council and to achieve this it must finalise the standards at its October 2011 meeting.

The Board is aware that members of the profession may be anxious and is trying to accept invitations to speak to groups and provide further information/explanation but nothing is finalised till the Ministerial Council approves the standards.

The Board anticipates a series of forums will be conducted around February-March 2012 when it will visit every State and Territory and talk about the final requirements as approved by the Ministerial Council.

To review the consultation documents you can still click on the links below.


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