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China Honors Sydney Expert in Integrative Oncology

The prestigious Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has appointed Sydney-based integrative oncology expert, Dr. Daniel Weber PhD MSc, as visiting Professor to their Medical School.

Professor Zhang yanjue, Dean of the Medical School, called the appointment a “coup” for his University and said,

“We have been following the work of Dr. Weber for several years; Weber offers true integrative oncology, a most impressive synthesis of Chinese Medicine (CM) and cutting edge Western biomedical science; we want our students to be exposed to this brilliant and original thinker, researcher and clinician.”

When accepting the visiting Professorship Dr. Weber said,

“I feel honored and humbled by this acknowledgement and feel inspired to further bring complementary medicine into its rightful place in oncological practice.”

A second China academic appointment.

It is the second time in just over one year that Dr. Weber has been so honored in China. Last year Dr. Weber was appointed Vice-Chairman to The Oncology Specialty Committee (OSC) of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) approved by the State Council of P.R. China and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of P.R. China.

Dr. Weber first spoke in Shanghai in 2008 at the International Congress of the Society of Integrative Oncology (SIO). This was followed by a keynote address at the 3rd International Congress of Integrated CM-Western Medicine Oncology in Ningbo, China on the subject of Breast Cancer, Inflammation and Botanicals, and more recently at Chengdu ISCMR.

Dr. Weber frequently hosts advanced training seminars to professionals in Australia, USA, Europe and South Africa and conducts clinical practice in Sydney.

To arrange interviews with Dr. Weber or for further information, contact Wilhemina Hoedeman: 02 9519 2233 or email

PDF Download Latest books by Dr Daniel Weber on Cancer Therapy (PDF 234KB)

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