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Introducing the ĎANTA IR Assistí Service to ANTA Members

ANTA has entered into an arrangement with Indigo Field Pty Ltd who are industrial relations professionals for the provision of Industrial Relations and Human Resources advice and services to all ANTA members.

The service is available to ANTA members and is known as ‘ANTA IR Assist’ and is an industrial relations and human resource service provided by Indigo Fields Pty Ltd to members of ANTA consisting of the following elements:

Free Industrial Relations & Human Resource services to ANTA members including:

  • Free ‘initial’ phone advice (the first contact will be free to introduce the service)
  • Free comprehensive IR Fact Sheets on a broad range of employment relations topics
  • Free IR E-News service, keeping members abreast of IR issues
  • Free Award summary sheets and links to full awards
  • Free IR compliance diagnostic document - which will allow a member’s IR legislative compliance to be determined and detail corrective action if required

User pays services at significantly commercially discounted fees for ANTA members including:

  • Industry and position specific employment contracts and agreements
  • Policy and procedure documentation
  • Industrial relations letters and documentation that can be utilised at the commencement, throughout and at the termination of the employment relationship
  • A responsive and comprehensive Industrial Relations/Human Resource phone and email advice service
  • Assistance, advice and representation on all other IR & HR matters

How does the service work and how can it be accessed by members?

Telephone and email advice:
The IR/HR phone advice line can be accessed by ANTA members by calling 1300 153 154 and providing their name and ANTA membership number. ANTA IR Assist consultants will provide immediate advice and assistance anytime Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm.  Members may also submit an online enquiry form by logging onto ‘ANTA IR Assist’ on the members centre of the ANTA website.

Free IR documentation and user pays contracts, policies/procedures and IR documentation:
Members can access ‘ANTA IR Assist’  via the member’s centre on the ANTA website.  To access services provided by ANTA IR Assist, click on the ANTA IR Assist logo and a list of all documents available will appear on the ANTA IR Assist home page.

Free documents can be downloaded at any time.  Reduced Fee documents can be ordered on completion of an online information form which will enable IR Assist consultants to make the documentation member specific.

All other IR & HR matters

Assistance, advice and representation on all other IR & HR matters, will be provided upon request and as appropriate to the circumstances of the individual matter. Examples of such matters include:

  • Advocacy and representation in commissions and tribunals
  • Bullying, discrimination or harassment claims
  • Performance management, disciplinary action and terminations
  • Enterprise agreement drafting and negotiation
  • Mediation and dispute resolution services
  • HR systems and process assistance
  • Unfair dismissal claims
  • Redundancies
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Union management issues
  • IR & HR Training Workshops
  • Incident and grievance investigations

Fees for user pays documentation

Fees associated with the user pays documentation will appear on the ‘ANTA IR Assist’ page.  All fees are commercially reduced as a benefit of membership.

With the recent introduction of new Workplace Laws this service is extremely timely and valuable to members.

For further information or assistance, contact Andrew Jones at Indigo Field Industrial Relations (providers of the ĎANTA IR Assist) - on 0408826625 or

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