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Understand the Role of Therapy: A New Old Perspective

(NaturalNews) Within our fast-paced, pill-popping, quick-fix, got-to-have-it-yesterday-society, the real essence of therapy appears to have become forgotten. True therapy encompasses living and acting in a way that promotes and/or restores optimum health and well-being on a continual basis. In other words, true therapy is a way of life, not just some 6-8 week program. Although this sounds logical, it may require a shift in the perception and understanding of how therapy occurs. The healing powers of the body, mind, and spirit are innate, self-generated, and constantly active day and night. Therefore, the whole notion of utilizing any special type of therapy - other than providing the body with its requisite needs to accomplish the task of healing - is questionable.

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About the author

Dr. SAM (Samuel Arthur Mielcarski), DPT, is an expert in the field of rehabilitation. He is currently licensed as a physical therapist in Georgia and Florida. He has over 13 years of clinical rehabilitation and health-coaching experience, combined with additional training, education, and practical experience in integrative bodywork, nutrition, natural hygiene, exercise/fitness, mind-body integration, performance enhancement, and personal training. He is the author of the recently released: "Revolutionary Rehab Manual: A Common Sense Approach to Health and Healing." Details can be found at: He can be contacted via email at or through his main website:

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