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Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

What is CPE?

Continuing Professional Education is the upgrading or acquisition of knowledge and skills in the accredited modalities that will aid the practitioner in providing the patient with a high standard of health care.

Why is CPE Necessary?

CPE is an important part of providing professional healthcare services to patients and ensures practitioners regularly update their clinical skills and professional knowledge.

ANTA requires members to complete 20 CPE hours annually (Jan – Dec).

Completion of 20 CPE hours annually is a requirement for ongoing provider recognition with all Health Funds and  WorkCover Authorities.

Note: If you do not complete 20 hours of CPE annually, Health Funds and WorkCover Authorities can terminate your provider recognition.

CPE reinforces ANTA’s natural health philosophy.

Other Benefits of CPE:

  • Members are kept informed and up-to-date with the latest developments
  • Facilitates communication and networking
  • Encourages further study
  • Enhances professional standing within the community

More Information for ANTA Members

Information and Continuing Professional Education guidelines can be viewed and downloaded from the Members Centre.

To facilitate members keeping CPE records, ANTA provides members with the ability to complete and lodge their CPE record on line also.

ANTA Members can log into the Members Centre via the login button above to view the CPE programme guidelines and Submit CPE hours.

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