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2017 Graduate Winners

ANTA recently announced the launch of the ANTA Graduate Awards to reward achievement and assist graduates with their careers.

The ANTA Graduate Awards consists of 12 months complimentary ANTA membership (membership extended for a further year at no cost) and $200.00.

Graduate Awards are provided three times a year and are open to all graduates who have completed a course recognised by ANTA. Students who graduate and join ANTA are automatically included for assessment for an ANTA Graduate Award.

ANTA 2017 Graduate Award Winners

Throughout 2017 ANTA will be announcing further recipients of ANTA Graduate Awards.

Round 2 ANTA Graduate Award Winners for 2017

Name Course of Study State
Milva Pervan Naturopathy WA
Hanna Watson Nutritional Medicine NSW
Katherine Ric Naturopathy QLD
Amber Shadlow Acupuncture NSW
Adeline Ho Nutritional Medicine SA
Sally Young Nutritional Medicine VIC
Catherine Ryall Naturopathy SA
Kellie Hansen Naturopathy SA


Round 1 ANTA Graduate Award Winners for 2017

Name Course of Study State
Rebecca Fink Nutritional Medicine NSW
Jennifer Bingham Naturopathy VIC
Deborah Smart Nutritional Medicine QLD
Amanda Opperman Naturopathy WA


Congratulations go to the above recipients on their achievements and being selected to receive an ANTA Graduate Award. ANTA will contact each recipient to present them with their award.

ANTA Graduate Winners

Deborah Smart

"I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005, already quite advanced in both brain and spinal chord, and reacted badly to the medications prescribed by my neurologist.  My search for personal healing led me to Nutritional Medicine which, over many years of study, helped me to eventually control disease progression using a nutrigenomic approach to diet and supplementation.  I now want to help as many people as possible with autoimmune disease and chronic conditions pursue wellness and live life to the full, no matter what their diagnosis. I now practice in the Narangba Valley Medical Centre."


Jenny Bingham

"I think there are a lot of us really struggling, unhappy, fearful and frustrated because of health issues.  I personally know those feelings.  What inspires me is the hope that I can provide some answers and a plan to improve people's lives by increasing their wellbeing, so they can be their most vibrant, happy selves and get on with living a really great life with their family and friends"



Amanda Opperman

"I have always had a passion for natural healing, plants, flowers and the wonders of the environment we live in. I was brought up in an alternative family who were open minded to natural health and I remember being taken to a naturopath, massage therapist or chiropractor whenever there was something out of balance with my health. My mum started to teach me the importance of emotional wellbeing and the balance between body and mind from a young age. My passions, my upbringing and my journey with my own health I feel all planted the seed for me to commence my naturopathy studies. I always wanted to work in a career that I was passionate about. I am passionate about finding a natural and alternative approach to healing that nourishes the body, mind and spirit with the least possible side effects. I believe every human deserves to live a happy and fulfilling life free of pain and disease. My dream was to educate, encourage and empower others; to be happy and to live my life in the best way possible. Becoming a naturopath has allowed me to do that and for this I am truly grateful"



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