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2017 Bursaries Winners

ANTA Announces the Recipients of ANTA National Student Bursary Awards for 2017

The ANTA National Bursary Awards have been established to encourage students to maximize the opportunities provided in their education and to assist students to achieve their aims and goals in natural therapies. Since introducing the ANTA National Bursary Awards in 2006, ANTA has awarded more than $140,000 to students.

ANTA has reviewed and assessed all Bursary Award submissions received for 2017 and are delighted to announce 12 recipients have been selected to receive an ANTA Bursary Award of $1,000.

Ky Wakefield SA

Juliana Griffin WA

Manon Bocquet WA

Nicole Bence QLD

Emily Zambon QLD

Leisa Armstrong QLD

Emma Dann VIC

Monique Stagnitti VIC

Perri Baldwin VIC

Stacy Heckenberg NSW

Miao Lim NSW

Lisa Newton NSW

Congratulations go to each of the 12 recipients on their outstanding submissions and selection as a recipient of an ANTA Bursary Award of $1,000.

Congratulations also go to all of the students who lodged submissions. The quality of submissions was exceptionally high and made the task of selecting 12 recipients very difficult.


ANTA National Student Bursary Awards are now open for 2018 and we are excited to work towards achieving our next target of providing $200,000 in bursary awards to students.

Students studying a course recognised by ANTA are encouraged to lodge their bursary submission via the ANTA members centre.

Many thanks to Arthur J. Gallagher for their support in establishing the ANTA National Student Bursaries.

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