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The Natural Therapist - 2012

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2012 Editions of 'The Natural Therapist'

The Natural Therapist
Issue: 27 No.3 | November, 2012

Included in this edition:

Reflux Esophagitis and Gastroeophageal Reflux Disease
Diagnosis and treatment in Western Medicine and TCM Gastric reflux (GR) is a common phenomenon and gastroeophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a fairly common disorder in Western countries.

Tony Reid

Bilberry & omega-3, a sight for sore eyes
We depend on our eyes constantly; in the workplace, at home, playing sport, driving a car, riding a bike, gazing into our loved ones eyes or even reading informative articles like this one! We perhaps don’t realize this dependence until our vision starts to deteriorate.

Gina Lithotomas

Preventing osteoporosis with microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHA) and addressing factors affecting calcium
Itís an incredibly difficult task to persuade someone who has had no health problems to understand that their actions are placing them onto a path of a debilitating disease.

Dr David Cannata

Can Cinnamon Help Diabetes?
Many of you have probably heard of the research that suggests taking cinnamon can lower your blood sugar.

Kerry Bone

The Business of Practice and the Practice of Business
There is a basic and profound deficit in the training and preparation of our graduate practitioners.

Craig Berry

The Natural Therapist - November 2012
The Natural Therapist
Issue: 27 No.2 | July, 2012

Included in this edition:

Behind the spotlight of folic acid: Are women aware of other important nutrients?
It is now common knowledge that folic acid is required for the prevention of neural tube defects; however it appears to have stolen the spotlight, leaving many other essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy in the dark.

Dr David Cannata

Bacopa Monierra: Research supporting the journey from bench top to market place
The traditional use of Bacopa monierra (bacopa) which has been centered on the neurological and mental health clinical benefits is now well-supported by modern medical research in the laboratory and the consulting room.

Dr Joshua Laing

Wellness Appreciation and Promotion: Mind & Spirit
This presentation details a contemporary understanding of wellness and aspects of its thought and spirit related dimensions role in health and wellbeing.

Dr James Langley

Grape Seed Extract
A Versatile Herb for Healthy Circulation

One of my favourite herbs is grape seed. Usually the part of the fruit that we don’t eat, modern research has identified some amazing health benefits for the seed of this ancient fruit.

Kerry Bone

Treatment Approaches to Chronic Joint Pain
This is the second of two articles that compare the different approaches to chronic joint pain taken by conventional Western medicine (WM) and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Tony Reid

Practice Development
Reception and Front-of-House

Your reception is your businesses’ only chance to complete a client’s first impressions. [Your business card has, most typically, set a healthy part of their first impression.]

Craig Berry

The Natural Therapist - July 2012
The Natural Therapist March 2012
Issue: 27 No. 1 | Mar, 2012

Included in this edition:

Registration now open for Chinese Medicine Practitioners

CHC - Guideline for Practitioner Only Product Guides and Technical Manuals

National Workplace Health & Safety Laws to commence on the 1st January 2012

Getting to the Point of Pain with Dry-Needling Therapy
Péta Phelan

Benefits of Probiotics for the Eldery
Dr Mei Min Soong

Andrographis: The Best Proven Herbal Remedy for Winter Infections
Kerry Bone

Preparing the body for Conception and Early Pregnancy
Joshua Laing

Excessive Foot Pronation in Childhood and Adolescence a Normal Variant or Pathologic Development Failure:
Implications for Clinical Decision Making and Management

Dr James Langley

Exposing the Real Problems of Sexual Health in the name of Therapy
David Cannata

Tony Reid

The Natural Therapist - March 2012

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