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The Natural Therapist - 2011

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2011 Editions of 'The Natural Therapist'

The Natural Therapist Nov 08
Issue: 26 No. 3 | Nov, 2011

Included in this edition:

Triphala: The Wonderful Rasayana of Ayurveda
Neerja Ahuja

Nettle Root: A Synergistic Partner for Prostate Health
Kerry Bone

Grape Seed Extract for Dyslipidaemia, Unfavourable Cardiovascular Risk Ratios Cardiovascular Disease.
Dr James Langley

FEVER - Your Child’s Best Friend
Myths and Facts About Fevers
Michael Sichel ND DO PhD

Practice Development Part 2
Managing and Understanding Ego’s Place in your Business
Craig Berry

Phellodendron and Ginger: An Alternative to Conventional COX-2 Selective NSAIDS for Arthritis
Joshua Laing

The Liver in TCM - Part 2
Disorders of the Liver - Diagnostics and Herbal Treatments
Tony Reid

Case Study: ‘Rotarix’ Vax Damage
Michael Sichel ND DO and Greta Sichel ND DO

The Natural Therapist - November 2011
The Natural Therapist Nov 08
Issue: 26 No. 2 | July, 2011

Included in this edition:

The Color Mask of the Face
Colortherapy according to Peter Mandel

Resveratrol: What is an Effective Clinical Dose?
Kerry Bone

Clinical Update: Ginkgo Biloba
Joshua Laing

New Approaches to Nutritional Supplements During Pregnancy
Dr. David Cannata

Evidence-Based Medicine and Naturopathy
Amie Steel

Practice Development - Part 1
Craig Berry

The Reconnection. Heal Others, Heal Yourself
Jackie Lapin

The Liver in TCM
Tony Reid

The Natural Therapist - July 2011
The Natural Therapist Nov 08
Issue: 26 No. 1 | March, 2011

Included in this edition:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Tony Reid

Korean Ginseng and Cancer Risk
Kerry Bone

Business Skills for Self Employed Therapists
Craig Berry

Relief From Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis
Joshua Laing

The Natural Therapist - March 2011

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